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Torrent: Heroes Two - I Due Eroi (1974) [DVD9] [DTS] [5 1] [ITA]
Dodał:  JackieALF
Data: 23-08-2017
Rozmiar: 5.85 GB
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Kategoria:  Filmy DVD
Gatunek: Akcja / Sensacyjny
Zaakceptował: marta_s
Liczba pobrań: 10
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Ostatnia aktualizacja: 2017-09-03 15:21:26


Original Title: Fong Sai Yuk Yue Hung Hei Koon
Country: Hong Kong
Year: 1974
Genres: Martial Arts
Director: Chang Chen
Screenplay: I Kunag, Chang Chen
Production: Shaw Brothers

Heroes Two begins with the burning of the Shaolin Temple, and chronicles the efforts of Fang Shi-yu (Alexander Fu Sheng) and Hung Si-kuan (Chen Kuan Tai) as they combat the forces of oppression, fighting alongside the Chinese revolutionaries. Manchurian General Che Kang (Zhu Mu) is a clever Warlord who capitalizes on the naïveté of Fang Shi-yu. Neither man realizes that they fight for the Shaolin cause, and General Che Kang tricks Fang Shi-yu into believing that Hung Si-kuan is a renegade bandit. With the help of the General’s henchmen, Fang Shi-yu defeats a bloodied Hung Si-kuan. Then the tough rebel is put into shackles inside the General’s castle. Word quickly spreads that Fang Shi-yu beat the unbeatable Shaolin hero, and the local faction of the rebellion attacks the unknowing Fang Shi-yu for his rash actions. When the rebel leader reveals the true nature of Hung Si-kuan, Fang Shi-yu is beside himself. The naïve martial artist initially intends to correct his mistake by sneaking into the General’s dungeon and liberating his cohort from the grasp of the Manchurians. However, General Che Kang himself is a powerful Kung Fu practitioner who foils Fang Shi-yu’s plans. Once Fang Shi-yu joins his Rebel brothers, they devise a plan to tunnel into the underground prison and rescue Hung Si-kuan. After several tenuous attempts at freeing him, the Shaolin heroes succeed in their task. Now reunited, Fang Shi-yu, Hung Si-kuan, and their Rebel brothers must endure the assault of General Che Kang and his Manchurian army.

Alexander Seng -> Fang Shih-yu
Chen Kuan-tai -> Hung Hsi-Kuan
Hsin Fang -> Huang San-Mei
Fung Hak On -> Hsiang
Zhu Mu -> General Che Kang
Feng Yi -> Mai Hsin
Wong Ching -> Ho
Chiang Nan -> Ho

Compression: No
Movie Quality: DVD9
Size: 6131 Mb
Languages: Italian Ac3 & Dts 5.1, Italian Ac3 2.0, Mandarin Ac3 2.0
Runtime: 88 min.
Extra: Synopsis, Information about Production, Production Notes, Biographies and Filmographies, Original Poster, Photogallery, Credits


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